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Happy Bakcang Festival 2011

June 3, 2011 by  
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MONDAY (06/06/2011) future Thien Chi Kung Temple in Medanand the Confucian Temple Assembly of Indonesia (MKKI) will hold a celebration of North Sumatra, the Indonesian Chinese traditionBakcang Happy Festival 2011.

According to the executive committee, preparations for organizingthis event has been established, covering everything fromarranging location to the technical stuff. “We will continue its coordination and cooperation with various parties, both fromtechnical and implementation team in preparation for this festival.We were all out in this case, “said Ronny accompanied byCommittee Treasurer, Kwok Ho Tea Siek Lie Tiam (HTT), Jalan HAdam Malik Medan, yesterday.

The event was also supported by community leaders and ethnicChinese residents of Medan, Medan especially Petisah. This eventwill be opened at night at around 18:30 pm at the New RoadMeranti (Meranti Market Ex), Village East White Sei-II, DistrictPetisah Medan. The plan the festival will be opened by the HeadOffice of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Medan, Abdul Rahim.

According to the Head Temple Thien Chi Kung, Po Tan An, an event coordinated by the High Council for Confucian Religion inIndonesia (MATAKIN) North Sumatra is to preserve the traditions of the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia and foster a sense of unity and integrity so as to create harmony in the life of nation and state andincrease the diversity of traditions and culture of Indonesia.

According to Po Tan An, in celebration of the ethnic Chinesetradition is essentially aimed at the younger generation of ethnicChinese who was born and grow in North Sumatra even outside the region to recognize and preserve the customs of Chinese ethnic or cultural tradition.


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2 Responses & Reviews to “Happy Bakcang Festival 2011” Share Your Thoughts

  1. agongkia on June 5th, 2011 7:56 am

    Glad to know that effort is being made to preserve these traditions in Medan.Cannot recall when is the last Made in Medan Bachang that I have tried.Or maybe I have not.

    I sure will make an effort to try out Medan Bachang one day,if not tomorrow.

    Wishing all Medan Larng a Happy Bachang Day and to the Organiser,success in all future festive events.

    Best wishes

  2. Selina on April 10th, 2012 6:45 pm

    I am happy there is Bak Cang festival in Medan. It is Chinese tradition in Medan, usually we pray for that on 5th day, 5th month in Chinese calender. We can buy Bak Cang at the market or do it by ourselves. We just do it by ourselves and we eat it on that day ( after praying). Thank you.

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