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Vegetarian Restaurants

It can be difficult to find Vegetarian restaurants when you travel especially in a foreign place. Hence we find it to be appropriate to include a list of Vegetarian Eating house and restaurants serving Vegetarian food in our Directory.

Please find a list of Vegetarian restaurants in Medan compiled by Vegetarian. (R.M.) means “Rumah Makan” in Bahasa Indonesia directly translated “House Eat” or Eating House

Here is a list of Restaurants that serve Vegetarian food in Medan:

  1. Restoran Sari Laut Avia Samudera  Jalan Padang Golf (International Airport Polonia) Medan. Telp.4555032
  2. Restoran Sari Laut Nelayan Jalan Merak Jingga No.8-D Medan  Telp.4525532
  3. R.M.Vegetarian Acin Jalan Timur Baru II No.52 Medan. Telp.4533945
  4. R.M.Vegetarian Ahui Jalan Meranti No.6/10-A Medan Telp.4533992
  5. R.M.Vegetarian Aniang Jalan Sumatera No.68-E Medan Hp.08196014275
  6. R.M.Vegetarian Ansari Jalan Ansari No.33-B Medan Telp.7366456
  7. R.M.Vegetarian Aroma Maitri Jalan Wahidin No.140 Medan Telp.4521079
  8. R.M.Asli Vegetarian Jalan H.Misbah Komplek Multatuli Indah Blok AA No.19 Medan Telp.4149652
  9. R.M.Vegetarian Brayan Jalan Pertempuran No.72 Pulau Brayan Telp.6620296
  10. R.M.Vegetarian Biduk Jalan Biduk No.39 Medan Telp.4538313
  11. R.M.Vegetarian Cia Cia Jalan Sutomo Ujung simpang Gang B No.78 Medan Telp.6612060
  12. R.M.Vegetarian Emy (Yi Po) Jalan Perak No.11-H Medan Telp.7365206
  13. R.M.Vegetarian Indonesia Jalan Ghandi No.222 Medan Telp.7363300
  14. R.M.Vegetarian Indonesia Jalan Ade Irma Suryani No.10 P.Siantar  Telp.(0622)7027668
  15. R.M.Liu Vegetarian Jalan Bogor No.106 Medan  Telp.4149806
  16. R.M.Vegetarian Loving Hut  Deli Plaza Lt.I  Medan  Telp.4556214
  17. Mery Vegeratian Jalan Rahayu No.95-B Medan  Telp.7360324
  18. R.M.Vegetarian Maha Vihara Maitreya Jalan Cemara Boulevard Utara No.99-S Komp.Cemara Asri Medan
  19. R.M.Vegetarian Medan Jalan Airlangga No.25-23-A Medan Telp.4155570 – 4155572
  20. R.M.Vegetarian Nie Nie Food Jalan Serdang No.30-E Medan  Telp.4149570
  21. R.M.Panda Vegetarian Jalan Thamrin No.170 Medan Hp.081361537249
  22. R.M.Vegetarian Pik Ik Jalan Asia Baru No.50 Medan  Telp.7360554
  23. R.M.Vegetarian Rasa Sedap Jalan Wahidin No.108-C Medan Telp.4510969
  24. R.M.Vegetarian Secret Garden Kompleks Multatuli Indah Blok F No.11-12 Medan Telp.4519778
  25. R.M.Vegetarian Sehat  Jalan Thamrin No.75-U Medan  Telp.7344119
  26. R.M.Vegetarian Socrates Jalan Airlangga No.14-C Medan Telp.4568950
  27. R.M.Vegetarian Sumatera Jalan Aip II KS Tubun (Sumatera) No.59/77 Medan  Telp.4569020
  28. R.M.Vegetarian Sumatera Jalan Gatot Subroto No.36 Medan Telp.4158852
  29. R.M.Vegetarian Sushi Tei Jalan Teuku Daud No.6/12 Medan  Telp.4515236/7/8
  30. R.M.Vegetarian Tapanuli Jalan Tapanuli No.21 Medan  Telp.54516537
  31. R.M.Vegetarian Vegie Hut Jalan Strawberry No.88-A Komp.Cemara Asri  Medan Telp.6644438
  32. R.M.Vegetarian Visakha Jalan H.Misbah Komp.Multatuli Indah Blok G No.19/20 Medan Telp.4514066
  33. R.M.Vegetarian Yoserizal Jalan Yoserizal No.63/121 Medan Telp.7355379

“TEKO HEALTHY RESTO” R.M.Vegetarian Maha Vihara Maitreya Jalan Cemara Boulevard Utara No.99-S Komp.Cemara Asri Medan is one of the largest in Medan!

Other previously posted are:

  • Sumatera Vegetarian     Jl.Jen.Gatot Subroto No.36
  • Sumatera Vegetaris (Chinese)     Jl.Sumatera No.77
  • Vegetarian Indonesia     Jl.Gandhi No.63A
  • Vegetarian Yose Rizal     Jl.Jl.Jose Rizal No.63/121
  • Yoga Life Medan Jl. Hindu No.10 Simpang Jl. Perdana, Medan Yoga Line: +6261 4565145 RSVP: +6261 91082042

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  1. surya alam on June 22nd, 2010 9:52 am

    saya ingin mengetahui sejarah singkat tentang restoran sari laut nelayan medan

  2. asen on September 8th, 2011 11:08 am

    restoran lucky king kq kagak dimaksukin? tu kan da terkenal vegetarian foodnya… :)

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