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Consulates in Medan

All consulates in North Sumatera are located in Medan and many of them are honorary consulates. The consulates in Medan (in alphabetical order):

  • Australia
    Jl.RA.Kartini No.32;Tel: +6261-455 4504; Fax: +6261-415 6820
  • Belgium
    Jl. Letjen.Jamin Ginting No.459;Tel: +6261-821 0559
  • Denmark
    Jl. Hang Jebat No.2;Tel: +6261-415 3020; Fax: +6261-453 8384
  • Great Britain
    Jl. Letjen.Jamin Ginting No.459;Tel: +6261-821 0559
  • Finland
    Jl. Hang Jebat No.2;Tel: +6261-415 3020; Fax: +6261- 453 8384
  • French
    Gedung Bank SUMUT, 6th Fl. Jl.Imam Bonjol No.18;Tel: +6261-456 6100; Fax: +6261-456 4228
  • Germany
    Jl. Karim MS No.4;Tel: +6261-/Fax. 453 7108
  • India
    Jl.Uskup Agung No.19;Tel: +6261-453 1308; Fax: +6261- 453 1319
  • Japan
    Wisma BII 5th Fl. Jl.Diponegoro No.18;Tel: +6261-457 5193;457 4560;
  • Malaysia
    Jl.Diponegoro No.43;Tel: +6261-453 1342; Fax: +6261-453 4681
  • Netherland
    Jl.Mongonsidi No.45T;Tel: +6261-456 9853; Fax: +6261-453 6130
  • Norway
    Jl.Ir.H.Juanda No.24-O;Tel: +6261- 457 0012; Fax: +6261- 457 0024
  • Singapore
    Has moved to Pekanbaru;
  • Sweden
    Jl.Hang Jebat No.2;Tel: +6261- 4153 020; Fax: +6261- 453 8384;
  • Thailand
    Jl. Cut Mutia Medan Sumut 20152; Tel:+6261) 415-2425 Fax:+6261) 457-6214
  • Turkey
    Jl.Dr.Mansyur No.122/124;Tel: +6261-821 2981; Fax: +6261-821 2983

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  1. robert on April 24th, 2010 4:03 pm

    Dear sir/madam,
    could u please tell me when is best time(which month) go to medan for holiday?

    With regards,

  2. Medan Indonesia on April 24th, 2010 6:26 pm

    You may come to Medan all year round, if you do not like the crowd, avoid seasonal times especially April which is Ceng Beng period where hotels and restaurants are usually busy. Idul Fitri may also be a bad time as many shops may be closed.

  3. Robin Heng on December 25th, 2011 4:52 pm

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am looking for the address and contact of the Hainan Clan Association (????) in Medan, as an effort to trace my ancestral graveyard there. Kindly please advise to the attached email address. Thank you.

    Robin Heng
    Penang, Malaysia

  4. Wayne Lambert on January 17th, 2012 2:53 pm

    Please send in English police email address in Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia. I like to make complaint on money scam that EXTREME SPORT-CENTER ripped me off of $8.679.30 USD Salesman Cornelius Dehotman I Paid him with wire transfer to Bank Mandiri. But never got product (ATV) or any email after he said he got his money. This was 12/17/11. Please help me catch this guy and company and get my money back. He is a crook, and his web-site is fake and still posted and he ripping other people off to I’m sure of it or at least trying to. If you the police read this please check him out. I called BRP the makers of CAM-AM ATVs
    and they said they never heard of him and he is not one of there dealers, but he is saying that he is selling brand new 2012 ATVs. Whats up with that, he’s giving your city and country a bad name being a scammer that he is.

  5. Eric Johnson on March 20th, 2012 5:02 am

    Dear Sir/Madam;
    I am a victim of fraud perpetrated by a person named Erik Gumawan in conjunction with Bank Negara Indonesia located at Jl. Pemuda No.31 Medan, Indonesia. On November 29th, 2011 I made payment via wire transfer of $1875.84 USD to account #021-312-0340 in the name of Junaidi for 20 electric scooters to be delivered to my location in California. The product was never shipped and this individual has stopped returning communications. At this time I have exhausted all other avenues and would like to enlist your assistance to retrieve my money. Please direct me to someone who may be able to assist me.

    Thank you,

    Eric Johnson

  6. Medan Indonesia on April 6th, 2012 5:44 pm

    usually they states fake addresses, it will be better to base address on the bank account. the person might not be from Medan

  7. Nebojsa Jovic on April 25th, 2012 10:38 pm

    Hello to everyone in Indonesia

    Through the internet I am in the company “POINT CYCLES” Medan, Indonesia (www.point whose boss. Mr. Ahmad Akbar, purchased Premium 2012 Scott Scale bike frame. I paid 350 euro in advance that Mr. Ahmad Akbar asked. But there’s a problem because I have people from Point Cycles wrong, I paid and they will send me the goods I bought from them honestly. What impudence, and knavery. This is a disgrace to the entire people of Indonesia. Take other people’s money and then nothing. Not even to contact me on email that I wrote to them 100 times.
    I hope that this and the police maden to see and respond to these scams on the occasion that I experienced. I can not believe it.

    Hello to all honest people of Indonesia.

    Nebojsa Jovic
    Nis-Serbia (EU)

  8. puros on November 23rd, 2012 7:59 pm

    just i want to know indonesian embassy available in medan, if it is yes plz update of address

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